Operational Excellence

The Operational Excellence (OE) Program is a multi-year, multi-project initiative to build technical excellence and support Granules’operational excellence.

As mapped below, the OE Program consists of three phases - Diagnostic, Design, and Implementation - followed by a transition to operations. By employing best practices in key disciplines, including project management and engaging leadership and staff, we are making excellent progress towards achieving our savings goals, building efficient and effective operations and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement.

Operational Excellence Program History & Process

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The OE Program began in the fall of 2009 with a comprehensive diagnosis of the campus operational and financial environment, led by a steering committee. The objective of the design teams was to identify, develop and propose projects that could deliver the efficiencies and operational improvements identified in the Diagnostic Phase. As projects are evaluated and approved, teams are formed to coordinate and oversee the implementation. Depending on complexity, the duration of individual project implementations vary from three-to-four months to a few years.