Transforming with
science and technology

Innovation | Excellence | Sustainability

Science and technology form the backbone of pharma manufacturing. At Granules India, our spirit of innovation is helping take the business to the next level. Technology will play a critical role in enhancing and optimising capacities, capabilities, processes and quality standards while ensuring cost efficiency for the business and our customers.

Extensive and advanced level research and development will keep our product pipeline robust with a diverse range of cost-effective offerings. Excellence is a moving target at Granules. This means that we are continuously calibrating our core and strengthening strategies to deliver more.

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FY 2021-22 Highlights

Company overview

For quality healthcare
that transforms lives

Granules India Limited is among India’s largest pharma manufacturing companies with over three decades of experience in manufacturing high quality pharmaceutical products.

We have built one of the largest PFI and single site FD facilities in the world. Ours is the world’s largest Paracetamol API facility. We have state-of-the-art research and development centres in Hyderabad and Virginia.

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Message from the Chairman

Our commitment towards a sustainable future

Our sustained growth and success are outcomes of manufacturing excellence and focused execution around the core molecules backed by our solid track record of quality, compliance and Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S). We are transforming holistically with science and technology at the helm, to truly become an innovation and science-led enterprise.

Dr. Krishna Prasad Chigurupati

Chairman & Managing Director

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Imbuing cutting edge science and
technology into pharmaceuticals

Technology has played one of the most crucial roles in the overall advancement of the drug manufacturing process. We are undergoing transformation to achieve excellence in science, technology, and innovation. Our approach aims to develop technological platforms in chemistry and biotransformation to boost the innovation engine and bring innovative offerings for our customers.

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Taking excellence and
making it better

Over the years, our manufacturing facilities and our commitment to operational excellence have held us in good stead. Now, we are reimagining manufacturing by exploring innovative process technology, that pegs us ahead of the curve.

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Taking excellence and
making it better

To retain our competitive edge, we are developing a strong R&D engine for API, finished formulations as well as chemical intermediates through exacting standards of technical, IP and regulatory capabilities. We are rethinking manufacturing with revolutionary process technologies. The collaborations and internal innovations we are exploring will continue to keep us ahead of the curve.

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ESG Approach

Holistic and inclusive approach to ESG

Our sustainability growth strategy is based on the fundamentals of transparency, integrity and accountability to ensure complete justice to our environmental, social, and governance commitments. We commenced our sustainability journey last year by undertaking the following steps:

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Identified sustainability sponsors across different functions who will be the key stakeholders owning certain responsibilities

Engaged internal stakeholders on the importance of sustainability through capacity building workshops at our locations

Undertaken ESG assessment to prioritise development focus areas and measures to address them

Engaged with external stakeholders such as SEBI and rating agencies like CRISIL to benchmark competitors and receive their insights

Derived materiality targets to minimise carbon, water, waste, among others

Brainstormed ideas to achieve reduction in water footprint

Brought our suppliers and vendors on board by conducting a green vendor workshop to sensitise them on Granules sustainability expectations

Conducted third party ESG audits and identified areas of improvement to reduce GHG emission and water footprint

Developed ESG blueprint based on materiality analysis, business reporting and sustainability reporting frameworks

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