Speciality Products: Oncology, High Potent APIs & Finished Dosage Forms

A key step to progress our growth strategy within the Emerging business, initiated in 2014 was Granules’ venture into the development of APIs forward integrated into finished dosages within the Oncology therapeutic segment.

At the Granules Research Center, we develop the APIs within this segment along with other high potent APIs. Our R&D team possesses a unique expertise in physical properties and polymorphism screening, generation, characterisation and stabilisation. These APIs will be manufactured at a state of art manufacturing facility spread across 18 acres, currently under construction in Vizag.

Please find below, our Oncology portfolio. We are open to discussions regarding our offerings and are flexible to work with our customers based on their requirements, schedules and other chemistry related aspects. We can also offer samples for the products that are in the advanced stages of development with a lead time of 30 days upon confirmation. Please contact us at specialityproducts@granulesindia.com.