Transforming for
the greater good

Change, when harnessed for the greater good, becomes a force of unparalleled transformation. With nearly four decades of unwavering commitment to excellence, Granules enters a new era driven by innovation and sustainability. Guided by sustainability, we aim to redefine possibilities, nurture stakeholder relationships, and create lasting value.

Empowered by our strategic brand platform, we strive to foster a culture where purpose finds its voice, vision is translated into action, and our actions are guided by our values. This is The Granules Way.

Our Purpose

Deeply rooted in our hearts, our purpose drives us to responsibly heal lives through pioneering green science. With a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, we strive to integrate sustainability and growth in our journey.

Healing lives responsibly through pioneering green science.

Our Vision

With ambition that creates change exceeding far beyond our horizons, our vision inspires us to push boundaries and redefine possibilities.

To establish ourselves as a world leader in green chemical and pharmaceutical industry by harnessing cutting-edge technologies to enhance quality of life.

Our Values

Our core values act as our moral guide, shaping our actions towards our colleagues and clients. They represent our shared ethical principles, ensuring accountability and maintaining the highest standards of behavior.



Our unwavering belief in pushing boundaries and thinking beyond the possible drives us to challenge status quo, embrace risk and consistently pursue innovation fearlessly, without necessarily conforming to established practice. In doing so, we leverage the power of science in the best way possible.



We think about tomorrow and beyond. Our actions and efforts must have a positive and transformative impact for a long time to come, and everything we do is evaluated through this prism.



Being driven by the customer's best interests is a way of life for us. It fuels our passion to develop tailored solutions that prioritize customer preferences. It inspires us to go above and beyond, and forge lasting, meaningful relationships.



People are the beating heart of Granules. They must be encouraged and empowered to be the best version of themselves. Through our approach, we enable and empower our colleagues and communities to achieve their highest potential, co-creating opportunities for collaboration and impact.



Quality excellence is not just a goal but a relentless pursuit embedded in our DNA. We are driven by an approach to achieve 'best-in-class' across our products, operations, processes, and conduct. We believe this is the only way to go further, be a preferred partner for our customers, and inspire confidence and ambition in all stakeholders.



Being a positive force for the planet and its preservation is a fundamental duty that we fulfill through our efforts in green science, responsible practices, and an approach of trusteeship. Long-term success is based on our ability to partner in fostering a harmonious relationship with the planet and caring for it for the benefit of future generations.