Creating a Better Tomorrow by Exploring Avenues of Sustainable Growth

Granules aspires to be one of the most sustainable companies. Which is why sustainability has always been integral to how we operate. This year, however, we took significant steps to shape our sustainability journey and be future- ready. We embarked on a journey to set ambitious near- and long-term goals across three sustainability pillars of environment, social and governance (ESG) by actively listening to our stakeholders. We have published Granules inaugural Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR) for FY 2022-23. It details the Company’s ESG performance across the 9 principles defined by The Indian National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct and is aligned with the new guidelines released by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The British Standards Institution (BSI) – an independent third party has verified and assured the environmental data disclosed in the Report.

From Vision to Action

Sustainability is at the heart of Granules' strategic vision and deeply embedded in the Company's decision-making process. It serves as a guiding principle that influences our choices and actions, ensuring that we prioritize long-term environmental and social considerations alongside our business objectives.

We are actively breathing life into sustainability through pioneering initiatives, exemplified by our ground-breaking partnership with Greenko for green pharmaceutical products. This transformative collaboration seeks to foster a symbiotic connection between the well-being of our planet and the health of humanity. By harnessing green energy, sustainable industrial feedstocks, and embracing circular economy principles, we are intertwining growth with sustainability. Moreover, sustainability is intricately integrated into our product development process, as demonstrated by the implementation of our Green card and Eco scale initiatives These endeavors showcase our unwavering commitment to environmentally responsible practices and serve as tangible steps toward creating a more sustainable future.

ESG journey at Granules:

  • The ESG journey at Granules has commenced with the identification of Key Stakeholders and creation of a Sustainable organization.
  • Our ESG journey kicked off with a Sustainability context setting Leadership meeting, followed by a series of capability building workshops for all cross functional teams at the sites.
  • We are doing a Total Stakeholder Engagement by connecting with all our key stakeholders including our investors, suppliers, and customers.
  • We have identified our materiality issues, initiated a Carbon & Emission, Water & Waste Baselining exercise by brainstorming ideas towards our footprint reduction opportunities through Operational Excellence projects.
  • Our Technology & Global Portfolio Management are striving to embed Sustainability by design through Green Chemistry.
  • The external value chain is being engaged through Green Vendor workshops in our quest to build a Sustainable Supply Chain.
  • We strive to be the employer of choice and build an inclusive society and giving back to the community.